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Aim of the conference

Issues to be discussed:

  1. Research issues of the industry in national academic centres in the years 1996-2024
  2. Research issues concerning services in national academic centres before 2024
  3. Methodological issues of the geography of industry and services
  4. Behaviour of industrial and service enterprises in crisis.

The changes taking place in the national and global economies are creating conditions for the functioning of business entities. The volatility of the environment, but also of conditions of various types, affect their activities positively or negatively. Therefore, detailed observation is necessary both within companies, institutions, but also within individual economic sectors and spatial systems of different scales, which should lead to the identification of possible effects of the changes taking place and the possible response to them.

With reference to the outlined trends, the aim of the 40th International Scientific Conference will be a presentation of scientific achievements and results of the latest research in various spatial arrangements in the field of economic geography and challenges in ongoing research in the geography of industry and services in Poland and worldwide.

In addition, we will aim to exchange the results of current research within the scope of:

  • research work in the geography of industry and services in individual research centres over the last 30 years;
  • new research trends in the geography of industry in Poland and worldwide;
  • improvement of methodological concepts developing in the field of the geography of industry and services;
  • discussing factors influencing the emergence of crises due to various causes, as well as ways of coping with their effects;
  • location and development of the activities of industrial and service enterprises;
  • impact of policy on the development of production and service activities;
  • innovation of business entities and areas under changing conditions.

Interesting elements of the conference will include speeches by specially invited guests and a panel discussion with the participation of scientists, entrepreneurs and representatives of local authorities on the subject of challenges of industrial and service transformation, as well as a poster session.


Conference language: Polish and English